Ardis Harsche

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Ardis Harsche is available for portrait work. Portraits in oil can be done either from a sitting, or from a photograph.

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Portraits are priced by how much of the subject's body is pictured, how many subjects are in the portrait, the size of the canvas, and the type of background desired. Examples of some combinations can be found on the Portrait Gallery page (click here to open it in a new window). The Chase Children portrait is an example of a portrait that would be priced as a Full Length, 4 Subject, Standard Size Canvas, with Detailed Background. The Chinese Boy portrait is an example of a portrait that would be priced as a Head and Shoulders, 1 Subject, Standard Size Canvas with Standard Background. The Ardis with Pallette portrait would be priced as a 3/4 Length, 1 Subject, Large Canvas, with Detailed Background. The Camden portrait would be priced as a Full Length, 1 Subject, Standard Sized Canvas with Detailed Background.

Most of the portraits Ardis paints from life are accomplished via three sittings.

First session - 3 to 4 hours

Second session - 2 to 3 hours

Third session - 1 to 2 hours

Between the sessions, without the model present, Ardis will work on refining the portrait, filling in the background and capturing the details in clothing and color.

When you prefer a portrait be created from a photograph, Ardis would prefer to take the photograph herself. Doing so allows her to control the lighting and shadows, bring out facial features, and observe the mannerisms and personality of the subject.

A 50% deposit is due with your order.

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